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ENT 7 Level Switch – Part Insulated Rigid Probe


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The ENT7 Capacitance Level Switch is intended for high or low level detection of non-conducting liquids, slurries, free-flowing powders and granular materials in silos, tanks, etc.
The instrument is completely self-contained, requiring only a supply voltage and having a set of independent voltage-free changeover contacts for connection to external control equipment or alarms.

The unit operates on the principle of a changing electric field caused by the presence or absence of material around the probe. This change is used to operate the output relay. An internal Failsafe Switch offers the option of  failsafe for either high or low level alarms, LED indicators show the state of the output relay. A multi-turn Sensitivity Control allows accurate adjustment of the switch point.

The ENT 7 is suitable for top or side mounting into a 1½” BSP socket which should be located at the level at which an alarm signal is required.
The probe rod is 19mm Ø stainless steel which may be cut down to suit and the insulator sleeve is PTFE.
When selecting probe length allow 19mm for the mounting thread.

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