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AFRISO Smart Home

Whether indoor climate, comfort or security – AFRISO Smart Home offers comprehensive solutions with perfectly tuned components from sensors and actuators and a base station all the way to an app. AFRISO is not a start-up, not an Internet giant, not a telecommunications corporation but a company providing cutting-edge technology and expertise for safe heating systems and tank facilities which has been active in the area of security in buildings with event reporting systems since 1997.

The AFRISOhome gateway is the base station (control centre) for the reliable operation of small smart home solutions all the way to highly complex building management systems. This gateway can also operate with products of other manufacturers such as the Netatmo inspection systems, the Philips Hue and IKEA Tradfri lighting control systems or the Amazon Alex voice control system, based on EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee, M-Bus or WLAN. Users opting for energy-autonomous signal transmission via EnOcean wireless do not need complex cable routing or cumbersome battery replacements and benefit from easy plug and play installation. The gateway, which will continue to remain vendor-independent, allows the user to directly control many other devices in addition to AFRISO sensors and actuators. Messages, measured values and alarms are documented on the local system and displayed in the browser, on the tablet or the smartphone via the free AFRISOhome app.

With the AFRISOhome app, users can access their home from anywhere in the world, at any time: All windows open or closed? Room temperature? Lights on or off? Humidity and CO2 concentration? All measured values, the battery status and the connection quality of the device are displayed. Even power consumption can be evaluated and displayed to increase energy-awareness and help the user save energy.

The app allows the user to monitor and control all devices in the home in a very simple way. The data is displayed in easy-to-understand diagrams so that the user always has an overview of the temperatures, power consumption and other information. Regular updates bring new features and devices on an ongoing basis. The app helps the user to teach in new sensors in an intuitive, step by step way. Programs allow for the automation of sequences using if-and-then functions. If a security-related device triggers an alarm, it is sent immediately to the tablet or smartphone as a push message so that counteraction can be taken quickly. Data security is high since all data is stored on the user’s gateway and is transmitted encrypted as in the case of online banking. The system does not use a cloud solution and can also be operated without an Internet connection.

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