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Project Overview - Gosport Ferry Company

Gosport Ferry - Spirit of Portsmouth Spirit of Portsmouth

Gosport Ferry - Spirit of Gosport
Spirit of Gosport

In 2001, Afriso Eurogauge were awarded the contract to manufacture and supply a complete storage tank monitoring system to the first of two new passenger ferries, the Spirit of Gosport for the Gosport Ferry Company.

The brief was to provide each individual storage tank with high accuracy continuous level indicators with preset switch points to provide high and low level warning alarms.

We were also asked to provide independent switching to control pump on and pump off for liquid transfers.

The Solution

Making up to 64 crossings a day, 364 days a year, the busy ferries carry over 3.8 million passengers.

Reliable tank gauging is crucial to meeting the demands of these working ferries and the service they provide.

We designed a system which would fully monitor and control all on board liquids such as fuel, waste oils, fresh and black waters.

The continuous level indication feeds a local display on the bridge providing the Captain with accurate and reliable level readings critical to the trim of the vessel and its daily performance.

The equipment we provided was taken from the standard Afriso product range controlled by a bespoke system designed in-house.

Gosport Ferry Control Panel

Bespoke bridge mounted control panel

The Result

Tank Mounted Pressure Transmitter
DMU03 Pressure Transmitter

This project provided Afriso Eurogauge with the opportunity to utilise our full range of products and resources.

The design included a combination of traditional gauging and high accuracy level transmission.

Due to the success of our equipment, when the Spirit of Portsmouth, the flagship of the company, was built in 2005, we were awarded the contract to supply a similar system.

Both the Spirit of Gosport and the Spirit of Portsmouth benefit from reliable, accurate tank gauging to ensure they provide smooth running of the service.

Products supplied to the Spirit of Gosport and Spirit of Portsmouth ferries

  • High accuracy 4-20mA pressure transmitters for tank level gauging
  • Capacitance level indicators for high accuracy tank level gauging
  • Magnetic float switches for pump control
  • 4-20mA custom scaled analogue meters for panel mounting on the bridge
  • Bespoke control panel with trip amplifiers configured to provide continuous level indication and
    high-low level switch points

Mechanical Level Switch
Capacitance Level Probe
Mechanical Level Switch Capacitance Level Indicator

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