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 Air Vents and Separator

    Automatic 12 bar Air Vent   77700 (3/8")    77706 (1/2") with Mounting Valves

Automatic Air Vent


Quick action Air Vent with ?” bsp mounting valve, suitable for up to 12 bar/110 °C. Perfect design in terms of appearance and function (high, narrow shape). Made from precision turned brass parts. Cover made from high grade glassfibre reinforced plastic, Brass union ring. ?”bsp connection valve.  Also available in ˝” bsp.

    Automatic Air Vent  77753 (1/2")

Automatic Air Vent - Right Angled


Automatic Air vent ˝” bsp angled version

Housing hot pressed brass, nickel plated, with aquastop.


    Mounting Valves 77720 (3/8")    77723 (1/2")

Air Vent Mounting Valve

  Air Vent Mounting Valve
   Air Separator 77851
Air Separator

An Air separator for use in solar systems and sealed heating systems. The air separator removes the air contained in the heat transfer medium. The air collects in the housing and can be discharged via an air vent or a manual vent valve connected via the ?” threaded connection.

Compression screw connection for Cu pipes Ř 22 mm at both ends.
Housing material: brass,
Operating pressure: Max. 6 bar
Operating temperature: Max. 150°C


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