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alt Afriso Eurogauge 
55 Years of Excellence in Level Measurement and Environmental Control

We are a specialist UK manufacturer producing level measurement and detection equipment for liquids, powders and granular materials contained in process vessels, storage tanks, silos and hoppers.

Established in 1962 and based in the south of England, we offer a research, development and manufacturing capability and are readily available to offer advice or design a solution to meet your exact needs.

New products are continuously developed to meet market requirements and all are of course manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

In line with increasing concern over the environment, our product range includes equipment for environmental protection, preservation and conservation.

Our parent company, Afriso-Euro-Index is recognised as a world leader in setting the standard for products designed to support servicing, maintenance and environmental protection.
All our products are manufactured to meet the highest European standards.

We are at home wherever measuring, control or monitoring is required. 

As a manufacturer with a full product range, we offer our customers a wide ranging portfolio of measuring, control and monitoring devices from a single source.

A wealth of experience from numerous applications as well as our knowledge of the requirements in individual markets make us a reliable partner in building technology, process engineering and plant engineering.    

Our motto 'Technology for Environmental Protection' has long been an inherent part of our product development philosophy and product range. 

We strive to improve the environment, to make processes which work with greater environmental compatibility and avoid putting a strain on the environment. 

We offer you innovative solutions, new products and smart concepts.


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