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 SOL 3000 Solar/Battery Powered ATEX Separator Alarm  


The SOL 3000 STD has been designed to monitor hydrocarbon levels in oil separators and interceptors in locations where mains power is unavailable.

The  system  comprises  of  an  IP65  rated enclosure containing  an  ATEX approved oil separator alarm, solar panel, battery and monitoring electronics mounted on an angled galvanised steel pole and flange assembly  with  an  integral 10m sensor cable which may be extended to a maximum of 300m. An optional wall mounting bracket is also available.

A specially designed  fail-safe  solid state sensor is mounted at the required level in the separator  chamber. A high intensity flashing beacon on the top of the enclosure warns that the separator requires emptying, or of sensor fault (short/open circuit) conditions.

An integral solar panel trickle-charges the heavy duty lead acid 18AH  battery.
A Test/Reset button is provided to check operation by simulating an alarm condition. To  conserve  battery  power, the  SOL 3000 is  active for  20  seconds  every  60 minutes.

If an alarm condition is present, the high intensity beacon will flash until the alarm condition is  cleared. There is sufficient battery capacity for the beacon to operate for 7 days in poor light conditions.

On cleaning the separator, the SOL 3000 is reset by pressing the Test/Reset button.


The SOL 3000 SLA has an optional additional ES8 silt/sludge detection sensor which works in conjunction with the ES4 oil/water sensor. On pressing the Test/Reset button, LED indicator lamps on the side of the enclosure show which alarm has been triggered. The beacon operates for both alarms. To  conserve  battery  power, the  SOL 3000 is  active for  2  minutes  every  60 minutes.


The SOL 3000 GSM has an internal GSM unit and antenna fitted in place of the beacon. The GSM unit can use either pay as you go or contract SIM cards from any mobile operator. SMS text messages are sent to nominated mobile phones when an alarm condition occurs. 


The SOL 3000 GSM is available with either the oil sensor or oil and silt sensors. 

ES4 Capacitance Oil Sensor ES8 Ultrasonic Silt/Sludge Sensor

SOL 3000 Oil/Water Sensor

SOL 3000 Silt Sensor Ex-Symbol

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